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Friday, March 19, 2010

Clearance from Grab Pack

Clearance Sale!!!
Hi gurls! We have this packs of buttons in odd numbers and types
to clear from our stock ..Grab it while it lasts..Good for papercrafting, scrapbooking, hairclips, all types of bags etc.......
All buttons are imported from USA

CG198 - Brown Buttons
Size: 12 mm and 14mm, Price: RM2.50 per pack

CG189 - Pearly White Buttons
Size: 12 mm, Price: RM1.50 per pack

CG183 - Dark Brown Trio Buttons
Size: 22 mm, Price: RM2.50 per pack

CG179 - One-hole Pink sequins Buttons
Size: 12 mm, Price: RM2.00 per pack

CG177 - Blue pairs Buttons
Size: 20 mm, 23mm; Price: RM2.00 per pack

CG173 - Shimmering Yellow Buttons (3 pcs)
Size: 18 mm ; Price: RM2.50 per pack

CG172 - Shiny Yellow Buttons
Size: 19 mm ; Price: RM3.00 per pack

CG171 - Shimmering Yellow Buttons
Size: 20mm, 10mm ; Price: RM3.50 per pack

CG153 - Translucent White Buttons
Price: RM2.50 per pack

CG146 - Translucent Orange Buttons, Size: 11 mm
Price: RM3.00 per pack

CG143 - Yellow Plain Plaster Buttons, Size: 13 mm
Price: RM3.00 per pack

CG142 - Translucent Small Yellow Buttons, Size: 11 mm
Price: RM3.50 per pack

CG125 - Rustic White Buttons, Price: RM2.50

CG119 - Peach Buttons -Price: RM3.00

CG91 - Shiny Green Buttons ~ Price: RM2.50

CG10 - Clearance Red6~Price: RM2.50
Red Eye ~ RM2.70 (3 pcs)~ RESERVED!